Millions of people in Africa have migrated to more developed countries over the past few decades in search of better jobs. And many of these migrants regularly send money home. Cross-border money transfers from diaspora populations, often referred to as remittances, greatly help in improving the living standards of many low-income economies.

In contrast, the bad news is that sub-Saharan Africa, a global region that heavily relies on remittances, has enjoyed little of the benefit of technical advancements in online payment systems. This disparity is largely the fault of: little competition, exceptionally high overhead costs — and, most, formidable regulatory compliance hurdles. Anti-money-laundering regulations bar some 500 million people from sub-Saharan Africa who have no legal proof of identity from using the few available digital transfer platforms and formal remittance channels.

Anyone who has wired money to a colleague between countries knows, the process can be time-consuming and very expensive due to the higher transaction fees. The good news is that greater competition, combined with advances in digital technology that leverage the internet and smartphones, has offered currency exchange solutions with lower fees and faster payment processing.

Perfect Money is one of those services that was borne out of the need to ease money transfer services globally and allows users to make instant payments and financial transactions on the Internet, while offering the maximum privacy of user data. Using the system, you can anonymously make transactions with funds and receive money for the provision of services, as well as pay for purchases regardless of where you are located.

A Perfect Money account makes it easy to make online transactions and payments online with a variety of digital currencies. Perfect Money offers cost-efficient fees and various ways to deposit or withdraw funds.

Perfect Money builds its business by establishing partnerships with exchange services. Since Perfect Money brought its services to the market, the number of partner exchange services has been steadily increasing. Perfect Money builds its business on partnership and highly values each and every Business Partner.

For digital currency exchange purposes Perfect Money recommends that you use the services of Certified Exchange Partners. We are pleased to inform you that Jamii Exchange was verified and approved as a Perfect Money Certified Partner Exchange in sub-Saharan Africa  and is listed on the official Perfect Money here under the Certified business partners. (see the full list at https://perfectmoney.com/business-partners.html)


You can now exchange and sell Perfect Money against other major e-currencies  on our platform worldwide and in supported countires like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzanzia, Zambia, DR Congo through local bank deposit, online funds transfer, mobile money banking etc.

Jamii Exchange provides more than 250 exchange directions of multiple currencies such as BTC, USDT ETH, LTC, XRP, USDC, BUSD, TRON, BNB, DOGE, Perfect Money, Payeer, with USD, EUR, CDF, TZS, UGX, ZMW, KES, Mobile Money ( Airtel Money, MTN MoMo, M-Pesa, Tigo-Pesa, Orange Money).